Every Now and Then You Will Be Rewarded

Every Now and Then You Will Be Rewarded

Until one Saturday last month, July 26,2014 to be exact, I had never attempted to photograph the Milky Way. I have seen some great photos online but I had never gone out and figured it out for myself. I had been thinking about getting out and photographing the Milky Way for some time. I did done some research on what other photographers had done so I was ready to get out and give it a try. I…

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Lightning from a mountain top.

f8 and be there!

f8 and be there!

“f8 and be there!” Wegee (Arthur Fellig) and Galen Rowel both gave this advice about making great photographs. One was a press photographer New York City and the other climbed mountains to get his images but they both had the same philosophy, if you aren’t there you can’t make the photograph. Something similar has been used by different photographers for many years. “f11 and hold still” is the…

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Great colors in the sky Saturday evening!

Great colors in the sky Saturday evening!

Anonymous said: Just saw a photographer bragging on his facebook that he got the cover of a magazine. I looked it up and they exist purely based on submissions from photographers. They don't pay, and worse, they make you pay to have the issue that you shot for! It's not a cheap magazine either. They claim it's to save the environment. How do you feel about this. I'm angry that anyone is stupid enough to fall for this and think it makes all photographers look bad. I hate these "magazines"!


Look. It is what it is. Let it go. Stop watching other photographers. Keep your head down and get to work. 

Magazines, for decades, have been using free to cheap photography. On the flip side, it’s very expensive to run a magazine. Look how many are going web only or are closing shop all together. 

Photographers look bad by doing a number of things. They also look great doing a number of things. You can tit for tat this crap all day long. 

Don’t worry about them. Keep your head down. Do great work. Find your market. Keep your expenses as low as you can. Hold this career with an open hand because it will come and it will go.


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Mad Hatter for the Zombie Pin Up Calendar 2014

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.
Ernst Haas

No way Facebook/Instagrad… These are my photos!

National Harbor… what a great night.